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Escape room for families

Haven't you seen your family in a while? There is no better excuse to meet than playing an escape game!

When you reach an older age, you don't usually do super fun things with your parents, uncles or children, so come to Linked Minds Escape Room and enjoy one of our escape games!

You have to choose between solving a murder on Sunset Boulevard, where you can do a combat mode and play up to 10 people or you can  try to escape from a very strange Hospital with a capacity for 5 people.

If you have booked in a restaurant in the city center or you just came to enjoy the heart of the capital, complement your morning or afternoon in the best way you can and come to Linked Minds Escape Room. If you haven't played with your children or your parents for a long time, you will feel more united than ever thanks to playing as a team in our escape room.

Don't worry about coming to the center, do it by public transport or if you are one of those who prefer the car and you have the necessary label, leave your car in one of the nearby parkings, the offer is immense.



Escape Room for 3 people

Unlike playing as a couple, as they say, three heads think more than two and not only that, in escape games there are many times in which several puzzles can be solved at the same time. The advantage is that you can separate and solve different games at the same time to save time and escape before the 60 minute countdown ends. Remember teamwork is very important!

Escape Room for 4 and/or 5 people

The escape games for teams of 4 or 5 people, allow us from the beginning to form several work teams and thus divide the tasks instantly. Of course, on certain occasions you will have to share all the puzzles that have been solved to see how the game developes. However, if the information does not flow as it should, there might be moments like in our room "Murder on Sunset Blvd", where you won't be able to understand the story in order to scape.



Escape room for 8 people

Equal teams, equal rooms, the perfect combat mode.

This type of escape game, apart from what is mentioned in the previous section, can be even more competitive by counting the number of hints given to each team, each one will suppose a penalty of one min more added to your final time. After the final resolution, we will know which team is the winner.

Juego de escape for 10 people

Being two teams of 5 people means that the escapists must get together very well and make a concrete and balanced distribution of all the tasks.

The skill, intelligence and insight of each of the team members will be revealed. Depending on how they manage their resources, the team will have more or less success.

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We are facing a critical situation. Our empire is about to disappear. The southern kingdoms move unstoppable, they are invading us...



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