Medidas de seguridad que hemos adoptado en LINKED MINDS ESCAPE ROOM respecto al Covid-19. Pincha Aquí

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How much earlier do we need to arrive at Linked Minds Escape Room before a game?

Linked Minds remind you that Escape Room is located at 22 Pizarro Street, Local dcha., In the district of Malasaña, Madrid. It is necessary to arrive at the time of the booking, and from that moment on you are participating in the experience of Linked Minds Escape Room. We can accept a 15 minutes delay. If after 15 minutes you don’t arrive, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the experience of escapism. There is a set schedule of reservations that does not allow delays.

Similarly, arriving earlier at Linked Minds Escape Room is not convenient as we might not be able to attend you straight away and deliver the attention you deserve. Surely we are taking the previous group or preparing one of our rooms for you. Ideally get exactly the reserved time.


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