Sunset Boulevard

Could you solve the murder

Know the story about Gary Bloomer vanishing

Few days before Thanksgivings’ Day, Gary Bloomer, the Hollywood director, is missing. The investigation has been closed quickly and he has been declared dead, found in his office. Our contact, Gary Bloomer’s personal assistant, has contacted us to find out what truly happened. They haven’t seen the body. They don’t believe it. You, not knowing why, decide to go to the appointment.

How we came up with the idea…

Sunset Boulevard is our first creation. It is a classic room with locks and mechanics which make you enjoy as kids. The thread will get you on the edge all the time. We hope you enjoy it!


From 2 to 12 escapists

Medium difficulty

Time 60:00

How do you want your adventure?


From 2 to 6 players

2 PLAYERS: 66€ (33€ per person)3 PLAYERS: 78€ (26€ per person)4 PLAYERS: 90€ (22.50€ per person)5 PLAYERS: 100€ (20€ per person)6 PLAYERS: 108€ (18,50€ per person)

De 6 a 12 players

6 PLAYERS: 156€ (26€ per person)7 PLAYERS: 175€ (25€ per person)8 PLAYERS: 180€ (22.50€ per person)9 PLAYERS: 189€ (21€ per person)10 PLAYERS: 200€ (20€ per person)11 PLAYERS: 209€ (19€ per person)12 PLAYERS: 222€ (18.50€ per person)
Escape Sunset Boulevard

¿Could you solve
the crime?

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Sunset Boulevard?