How many players can participate in a game of escape room?

In Linked Minds Escape Room our rooms are equipped to accommodate a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6. In the room murder in Sunset Boulevard we offer Combat mode and can accommodate groups of up to 10 people. The Combat mode must be reserved in advance. On the other hand we have the Escape Hall The Last Viking where it can accommodate a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 16.

Is there any age or physical limitation ?

Linked Minds Escape room games have been created for adults, although it is possible for young adults from the age of 16 to participate accompanied by an adult. If in doubt, Linked Minds Room Escape reserves the right to request any supporting document to check some data. As for the physical ability, to participate in our escape room, you do not need any prior physical preparation since the games are related to intelligence, perception, teamwork, among other skills. You will never need to use physical strength, climb over the furniture, or force any elements.

Games are just for smart people?

The Escape room games we have created in Linked Minds Escape Room, can accommodate for people of all walks of life, you do not need to be a genius. To escape or solve puzzles, all you must do is pay attention to detail, relate thinngs and above all teamwork and information to flow quickly.

Is an escape room actually locked?

In Linked Minds Escape Room, the goal of the rooms can range from solving puzzles, riddles, challenges, etc. To escape is one of the missions. The door is never completely locked, if someone is in dire need to go for some kind of emergency may do so without any problem by contacting us. Claustrophobia is not an impediment to participate in our rooms escape. The game immersion is such that the hour passes quickly. In any case, if you felt indisposed in our rooms you can come out at any point you need to. Our escape rooms have staff who are responsible for the control and supervision of the game at all times.

How much earlier do we need to arrive at Linked Minds Escape Room before a game?

Linked Minds remind you that Escape Room is located at 22 Pizarro Street, Local dcha., In the district of Malasaña, Madrid. It is necessary to arrive at the time of the booking, and from that moment on you are participating in the experience of Linked Minds Escape Room. We can accept a 15 minutes delay. If after 15 minutes you don’t arrive, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the experience of escapism. There is a set schedule of reservations that does not allow delays. Similarly, arriving earlier at Linked Minds Escape Room is not convenient as we might not be able to attend you straight away and deliver the attention you deserve. Surely we are taking the previous group or preparing one of our rooms for you. Ideally get exactly the reserved time.

Can you play in English?

Of course! Linked Minds Escape room is not ready yet for the English version of the games, but we are working so that we can accommodate English-speaking players. We will be ready very soon

Can I cancel or change my reservation?

In no case can the reservation be canceled or refunded.
Linked Minds Room Escape accepts changes of reservations, provided they are applied 48 hours prior to the reserved time.
Cancellations and / or modifications of bookings are requested after 48 hours before the reservation will not be accepted. Any modification, suggestion or cancellation must be notified by email at the address info@linked-minds.com, within the period indicated above.
Changes of the reservation from one experience to another will not be accepted.

How long is the experience of playing Linked Minds Escape Room?

The experience of escape room games in Linked Minds Escape Room lasts approximately 80 minutes. First, you will receive an introduction to the escape room games and their performance, then you will play for 60 minutes and at the end, you can comment the room with the Game Master and take photos.

What if we can not make progress in any of the phases of the experience of playing in the escape room ?

Do not worry, it is normal that in certain phases of the game you may be stuck without knowing how to continue. A member of Linked Minds Escape Room, a Game Master, will be supervising your escape room game and will provide you clues that may be able to help you resolve the puzzle yourselves.

Is there a problem if we do not get out of the room escape in time?

There is no problem if you do not get out of the escape room on time, there are going to be neither the first nor the last escapist who fail to achieve their goal. Also we will take some pictures to remember your experience in Linked Minds Escape Room.

What is a Virtual Escape Room game?

It is a game whose principle and dynamics is very similar to that of a physical Escape Room game. The difference is that the scenery and props is a virtual environment on your PC, tablet or mobile. There is a mission or objective that you have to solve in a certain time. You will choose a character from the online escape room game that will make the immersion in this type of experience greater. Likewise, you will have to manage to achieve the objectives by following clues, solving riddles and enigmas as in a traditional escape room.


To enjoy the Escape Room online experience you will have to have two devices, headphones and use some kind of videoconference so that teamwork is more efficient.

I want to hold an event with friends or company. It's possible?

Of course yes If you want to hold an event, please contact Linked Minds Escape Room by phone call +34 697 839 331 or sending an email to: info@linked-minds.com, and we will contact you to prepare an experience that meets your expectations.

How I can book Linked Minds Escape Room?

You can make your reservation through our website: https://www.linked-minds.com/reservas. Enter the game you want to play, choose the number of players, the day and time. The system will guide you through the process of booking and payment. If you’re not sure how many players are going to be, please book for 2 players. Upon your arrival in Linked Minds Room Escape Let us know if there are more players or email info@linked-minds.com previously, if there is any pending payment it will be realized at the end of your experience.