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  1. We challenge you to live an unforgettable experience! You are locked down and need to get out in 60 minutes.
  2. You gain a private experience with your friends, only the closest people and in confidence with no strangers. Only this way you may accomplish your goal.
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You gain a private experience with your friends, only the closest people and in confidence with no strangers. Only this way you may accomplish your goal.

Hollywood. The 1960s. Very close to Thanksgivings a murder is about to become in a famous case.

The last viking. We have been invaded by the southern enemy hordes.. They are unstoppable to the point of killing all viking kings.

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Find the answers to all your questions

How many players can participate in an escape game?

In Linked Minds Escape Room, the rooms are prepared to accommodate a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. In the Sunset Boulevard Combat mode room, you can host groups of up to 12 people. On the other hand we have the Escape Hall The Last Viking where it can accommodate a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 16.

Is there any limitation in terms of age or physique?

At Linked Minds Escape Room we have created escape games for adults, although it is possible for children under 16 years of age to participate in the game accompanied by an adult. In case of doubt, Linked Minds Escape Room reserves the right to request a supporting document to verify certain data. Regarding physical capacity, to participate in our escape rooms no prior preparation is necessary since the purpose of the escapes is to develop skills related to intelligence, perception, teamwork, among others. It will never be necessary to use force, or force any element.

Are games only for smart people?

The escape games that we have created in Linked Minds Escape Room have not been created for unusual people, you don’t have to be a genius. To escape or solve the puzzles, all you have to do is pay attention to details, relate things, have the ability to abstract from the marked lines and, above all, work as a team and let the information flow quickly.

In an escape room, are you really locked in?

In Linked Minds Escape Room, the objective of the rooms can be from solving puzzles, riddles, enigmas, challenges, etc. until you manage to escape from one of the missions. That yes, it is never completely locked up, if someone has the urgent need to leave for some type of urgency, they can do so by informing us and without any problem. Claustrophobia is not an impediment to participate in our escape rooms. The immersion in the game is such that the hour of duration passes very quickly. In any case, if you feel unwell, in our escape rooms you can go out as soon as you need it. Our escape rooms have staff who are in charge of the control and supervision of the game at all times.

How far in advance should we arrive at Linked Minds Escape Room?

Remind you that Linked Minds Escape Room is located at Calle Pizarro 22, local right, in the neighborhood of Malasaña, Madrid. It is necessary that you arrive at the time of the reservation, neither before nor after, since from that moment you are participating in the escape experience in Linked Minds Escape Room. We can give you a 10-minute break. If after that time, you have not arrived, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the escapism experience since there is an established reservation schedule and it cannot be delayed. In the same way, it is not good to arrive in advance at Linked Minds Escape Room because we could not attend you as you deserve. Surely we are attending to the previous group or preparing one of our rooms for you. The ideal is to arrive exactly at the reserved time.

Can it be played in English?

Of course! At Linked Minds Escape Room you have the option to play our games in both Spanish and English. You can tell us your language preference at the time of making the reservation or when you come to play at our venue.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

In no case can the reservation be canceled or refunded.
Linked Minds Escape Room accepts reservation changes, as long as they are requested 48 hours before the reserved time and subject to availability on the calendar.
Reservation modifications that are notified or requested within 48 hours prior to the reservation will not be accepted. Any modification must be notified by email to the address info@linked-minds.com, within the period indicated above.
Changes of the reservation from one experience to another will not be accepted.

How long does the experience of playing Linked Minds Escape Room last?

The escape games experience in Linked Minds Escape Room lasts approximately 90 minutes. First, you will receive an introduction to escape games and how they work, then you will play 60 minutes and at the end, you will be able to discuss the room with the Game Master and we will take photos.

What happens if we can't advance in some phase of the experience of playing an escape room?

Don’t worry, it is normal that in certain phases of the game you may be left without knowing how to continue. A member of Linked Minds Escape Room, a Game Master, will be supervising your escape game and, without giving you the precise keys to solve the point where you find yourself, he will provide you with clues so that you yourself can solve the crossroads where you are.

Does something happen if we can't get out of the escape room in time?

There is no problem if you can’t get out of the escape room on time, you won’t be the first or the last escapee who can’t achieve their goal. We will also take some photos for you to remember your experience in Linked Minds Escape Room.

What is a Virtual Escape Room game?

It is a game whose principle and dynamics is very similar to that of a physical Escape Room game. The difference is that the scenery and props is a virtual environment on your PC, tablet or mobile. There is a mission or objective that you have to solve in a certain time. You will choose a character from the online escape room game that will make the immersion in this type of experience greater. Likewise, you will have to manage to achieve the objectives by following clues, solving riddles and enigmas as in a traditional escape room.


To enjoy the Escape Room online experience you will have to have two devices, headphones and use some kind of videoconference so that teamwork is more efficient.

I want to hold an event with my friends or company. It's possible?

Of course yes. If you want to hold an event, contact Linked Minds Escape Room by phone at +34 697 83 93 31 or sending an email to info@linked-minds.com and we will contact you to prepare an experience that meets your expectations.

How can I book on Linked Minds Escape Room?

You can make your reservation through our website: https://www.linked-minds.com/nuestras-salas. You enter the game you want to play, select the number of players, the day and the time. The system will guide you through the reservation and payment processes. If you are not sure how many players you will be, choose the option of “PARTIAL PAYMENT” as a reservation deposit. When you arrive at Linked Minds Escape Room let us know if you are more players or send us an email beforehand to info@linked-minds.com, the rest of the payment will be made at the end of your experience.