The Last Viking

Will you be the next King of the vikings?

Know the story about a kingdom disappearing

We find ourselves in a critical situation: our kingdom is about to disappear.

Enemy hordes have invaded our lands and they move unstoppable. They have killed our kings. Before our people are erased from History, the leaders of the clans have been summoned for the last and greatest mission: choosing the new King.

The leaders will meet in the Forest of the Gods, in front of the Yggdrasil, and so they will be tested by the Gods.


From 8 to 16 players

Hall Scape

Time 60:00

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Hall Escape

From 8 to 16 PLAYERS: 18€ per person
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60 Minutes
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What is a Hall game?

The Last Viking is a Hall Escape, una experiencia creada para grupos grandes, de  6 a 16 jugadores.

The difference between a traditional room and a Hall Escape is that this last one is played in a single room, which is completely set according to the topic and the elements to accomplish the mission are, in our situation, in a viking ship. Furthermore, there is a main element you need to check for solving some puzzles or getting information.

Another particularity is that the Game Master is in the room, for helping and they will be playing the role of a viking.

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Escape: The Last Viking

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