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What a better way to start a birthday with your best friends than making an escape room?, You will be able to add a new and exciting experience to your life collection!

In case you join a very varied group of people who only have in common the most important person of the day and do not know each other, do not worry, when doing the same activity and playing all in the same escape room, they will interact among themselves and people who did not know each other will be able to talk about a common theme, breaking the ice in a very natural way.

Escape room for experienced groups of 3 or 4 people or inexperienced groups of 5 and 6. Great challenge if you can handle the tension well. Very varied games await you, you will have to open your mind. The difficulty level of the room is medium-high.

It is a mystery escape room with a medium level of difficulty. Ideal for groups that are starting in this world. It is the perfect room if you are more than 7 friends since we have two equal rooms and you can face up to 6 against 6.

It is a Hall Game, and it is prepared for the participation of four to 16 players. It is a very dynamic and fluid escape game in which there are many puzzles to solve.

Rooms in Madrid for all audiences!

Our Escapes are perfect for birthdays


PWe can hide surprises that will make this an unforgettable moment..


Private escape room where you are alone with your friend.


An escape room is leisure and culture. Entertainment and disconnection from the real world for an hour.


It is an original activity. Play with your family and friends and learn more about them.
escape room for birthday

A new
escape room way

An escape room is a form of modern leisure in which you will have a great time exercising your mind and activating your brain, since you will suffer a state of tension and consequently of motivation typical of the greatest challenges.

Once the escape game is over, we will take a photo to never forget the experience you have lived.

If you come to Linked Minds Escape Room you will have the opportunity to choose between several escape room themes. Due to its location in the center of the capital, you can enjoy an immense gastronomic and leisure offer without having to transport, there is no need to use the subway, just 2 mins walking.

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Find the answers to all your questions

Is there an escape room for four people?

Yes there are. Also, it is the perfect number to play an escape room.

Yes, no problem. In Linked Minds escape room, we recommend starting with rooms with a low/medium level of difficulty and as you gain experience, go for greater challenges. Of our rooms, we recommend Sunset Boulevard.

I want to organize an escape room for eight people, are there any?

Sure, there are mirror escape rooms. That is to say, two completely identical escape rooms in which the objective, apart from solving the enigmas, puzzles and others, is to beat the rival team. If you are a large group, you can face each other in an escape room in combat mode.

What is an escape room combat?

They are equal escape rooms, in which you have to form two groups and the final objective is to solve the escape room and see which of the two groups is faster.

Are we going to get together with unknown people if we do an escape room in combat mode?

No. Depending on the number of players you are, you are divided into two equal rooms and you compete to see which is the fastest group. Escape rooms are private spaces that you hire for a certain number of players from the same social circle. You never mingle with other outside players.

Are there car parks near your escape room?

Indeed, in our same street, there are two car parks and in Plaza de España and in Plaza de la Luna you will find two more enormous ones and they are only 5 minutes from our premises.