Escape Room for kids


Escape Room is nowadays the leisure trendy both for adults and children. The best thing about making an escape room with children is that they have a great time playing and at the same time, exercise body and mind in a different way than usual.

The escapism games allow you to develop very important skills for today such as teamwork, leadership, sociability, creativity and much more.
They enjoy playing in an escape room and learn without realizing it.

It is a very stressful escape room. This escape room is suitable for children over 16 unaccompanied and for over 14, accompanied.

It is a mystery escape room. Children aged 9-10 can enter accompanied by an adult or the Game Master, they will help them understand and follow the game. Children over 12 years old can enter alone.

The children immerse themselves in a Nordic forest. This is Hall Game, the Game Master is present throughout the escape game. Suitable from 10 years.

Rooms in Madrid for all audiences!

Our Escapes are perfect for


Birthday celebrations, social gatherings or playful activities with your children.


Private escape room where only your child and their friends enter.


An escape room is leisure and culture. Entertainment and learning at the same time.


Skill development is encouraged: teamwork, leadership, logic.
Escape room for kids

A new
escape room way

It is also very interesting to share these escapism games as a family because it is a way for closer ties with parents and share experiences at the same level. You can be their guide in the escape room game in many aspects and they can surprise you with abilities that you did not know they had until now.

Without a doubt, playing in an escape room is one of the best ways to strengthen parent-child ties and make them see you as an equal, a person to trust and not as the authoritarian being who directs their life. What a better way to celebrate your children’s birthday surprising them with an Escape Room, they will have a great time and remember it for a lifetime!

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Find the answers to all your questions

Can I celebrate my 9-year-old son's birthday?

Yes, of course. In Linked Minds escape room we allow the entry of children from 9 years old who want to play alone, yes, the Game Master is with them in the escape room to control and help in the progression of the game. From 12 years old, they can already play alone.

Can children from 9 years old enter?

Yes. Young children can join their parents in the Sunset Boulevard and The Last Viking escape rooms. 

What do escape rooms provide compared to other types of leisure?

Escape rooms are leisure and culture, since it is an activity that generates fun while learning and developing skills such as teamwork, creativity, logic, among others.

In escape rooms, do children enter with unknown people?

Escape rooms are private spaces for your children and their friends to enjoy in private.

Are the escape rooms suitable for children under 12 years of age?

In Linked Minds escape room, both the Sunset Boulevard and The Last Viking escape rooms are accessible to children and depending on their age they can enter alone or accompanied by the Game Master.

Can the children leave the escape room whenever they want?

Linked Minds escape rooms have emergency buttons next to the door so you can get out at any time. In any case, the staff of Linked Minds escape room is always aware of the development of the escape game and, if there is any problem, they will help you in whatever is necessary.